Shaping Of Light...

posted on: 2010/06/15 no more.

I would just like to thank everyone who visited this Photoblog, who left comments, and were otherwise positive towards my work.

I guess an explanation is in order as to why it has disappeared. Not long after my last post, just over a year ago, Julie and I were robbed. In the space of one night, I lost my D3 and the big 200mm lens. Julie lost her laptop.

We were not insured.

Needless to say, that hit very hard, and set us back a little while. Fortunately we were able to replace the equipment and start taking more photos. Slowly, I have focused more towards studio photography, which is where I wanted to head anyway.

And please, learn from our mistake. Make sure you have your equipment insured. Insurance may not be cheap, but it is far better than the alternative :)

With the bad out of the road, it is time to focus towards the future, and of course the good.

We have started our new domain, and site to push our photography further. Please use the following link to continue to the new site:

If you would still like to vivit my old work, then please visit either my Deviant Art page or my Flickr page.